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9 Small Kitchen Appliances to Improve your Cooking

Posted June 7, 2023

As the world continues to grow ever more fast-paced and time-dependent, having the luxury of cooking yourself a full and hearty meal can be unrealistic. Luckily, new kitchen technologies offer versatile and time-saving options for home cooks and culinary enthusiasts to boost their cooking experience. Allowing them to make quality meals with less effort and time.  

Whether you're a beginner cook or a seasoned chef, incorporating the right small kitchen appliances into your culinary arsenal can make a world of difference. In this blog, let us dive into nine of the best small kitchen appliances and why you should consider them for your home.  

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What are Small Kitchen Appliances?

Small kitchen appliances are appliance sets or units that are not too big or heavy to move around. Examples of kitchen appliances like these are microwave ovens, coffee machines, blenders, mixers, toasters, and similar. These cooking appliances provide easy and quick fixes, saving you time and effort when you make meals. 

Why Should I Consider Purchasing Small Kitchen Appliances?

 As you look into the varieties of small kitchen appliances, you may wonder, why you would need them and what benefits you could get out of them. The answer comes in two simple words. Efficiency and convenience. These small appliances allow you to multitask, doing all the cooking work for you. All you have to do is load them up, set a timer, and viola! Your meal is ready to eat as you please.  

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a young professional living in the city, having these necessities will surely ease your time in the kitchen while making sure that you’re able to acquire quality and healthy meals. 

9 Small Kitchen Appliances Ideal for Your Home 

From air fryers to coffee machines, microwaves to blenders, mixers to toasters, food processors to slow cookers and rice cookers, we will delve into the features, benefits, and practicality of each appliance to help you find the perfect cooking companion for your busy and fast-paced life.  

#1: Air Fryers

 Air fryer on kitchen bench

Seeing a boom in its global sales in 2017, air fryers are a convenient and healthier alternative when making your favourite deep-fried meals. These compact appliances use hot air circulation to cook food, resulting in crispy and delicious dishes without excessive oil. Since then, it became a popular choice for numerous individuals, especially the more health-conscious ones.  

What makes it an ideal kitchen appliance, is its incredible versatility with the range of meals and recipes it can cook, so you’re not exactly limited to deep-fried meals. From crispy fries and chicken wings to delectable onion rings, air fryers can cover any kind of cooking from baking, roasting, and grilling.  

#2: Coffee Machines

For many, having a great cup of coffee is the best way to kickstart their day, and for some, this can be the difference between a productive and an absolutely lazy day. Coffee machines are a staple in many households, especially for young professionals living in the city.  

There are many benefits of having them in your home. You can also skip the long lines at the coffee shop, enabling you to enjoy it without the pressure of running late for work. Additionally, having your own coffee maker can bring you the following benefits: 

  • Fresher and healthier coffee 
  • Convenient and access to coffee at all times.  
  • Opens a learning curb to teach yourself how to make coffee 

Whether you prefer a strong espresso, a creamy latte, or a classic drip coffee, this small kitchen appliance gives you a variety of coffee-making options that can give you the best-tasting coffee that suits your needs.  

#3: Microwaves 

Woman placing mug in microwave

Although microwaves are not a new contender in kitchen appliances, it has long been an essential item to have in your kitchen. Its versatility of reheating and cooking food offers you a variety of options for every meal.  

From reheating leftovers to defrosting frozen food, microwaves allow you to save precious time when you're in a hurry. Modern microwaves come with advanced features such as convection cooking and grill functions, allowing you to bake and brown your favourite foods with ease. 

#4: Blenders

Blenders are a versatile tool that can help you create a myriad of culinary delights. Ideal for creating summer coolers, shakes, and smoothies, blenders enable you to whip up anything from flavourful soups to homemade sauces. On the other hand, blenders offer efficient ways to help you eat healthier. Blenders are known to be better at keeping the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables in comparison to their raw counterparts.  

Blenders are able to shred the plant’s cell structure, allowing the body to absorb the most nutrients possible. And since blenders are great at mixing things together, you can also add protein-rich ingredients such as milk, yogurt, or skyr to boost the nutritional value of the smoothie. 

#5: Mixers

 Are you a baking enthusiast? Having a reliable mixer in your kitchen should be a priority tool in your pastry-making arsenal. Whether you're whipping up a batch of cookies, kneading dough for bread, or preparing a fluffy cake batter, mixers take the effort out of manual mixing.  

There are numerous versions of mixers that offer different functions to cater to every need. Depending on what you bake on a regular basis, you may want to look into different kinds of mixers:  

  • Handheld mixers. These are ideal for irregular or casual bakers.  
  • Stand mixers. Stand mixers with multiple attachments offer versatility, allowing you to explore a wide range of recipes. 
  • Spiral mixers. On the larger and heavier side, spiral mixers are a great option for those wanting to mix larger quantities of dough.  

#6: Toasters

Toasters are considered to be one of the most space-saving appliances everyone should have in their home. As a breakfast staple, this small kitchen appliance allows you to toast pastries from sliced bread, bagels, English muffins and similar!  

Toasters generally come with adjustable browning settings and wide slots for various bread sizes. It can also come in various forms such as your classic, push-down toaster or toaster ovens that offer more space and versatility in the things you toast.  

#7: Food Processors

The food processor is an indispensable kitchen tool since it combines a wide range of capabilities into a single space-saving unit. These small kitchen appliances offer multifunctional properties as it is able to chop, slice, shred, grate, and even knead dough, making the process of preparing meals much simpler.  

Food processors offer both efficiency and precision in the kitchen, and they can be used to make everything from homemade salsas and dips to vegetables that are finely chopped and fruits that are neatly sliced. 

#8: Slow Cookers

Slow cookers, also known as crockpots, are a game-changer for busy individuals and families. With their set-it-and-forget-it functionality, these cooking appliances allow you to prepare flavorful and tender meals with minimal effort. Simply add your ingredients in the morning, set the desired time and temperature, and return to a deliciously cooked meal in the evening. Slow cookers are ideal for stews, soups, roasts, and even desserts, infusing flavours and creating tender textures. 

#9: Rice Cookers

Cooking rice to perfection can be a challenging task, but rice cookers eliminate guesswork and deliver consistent results. These appliances use specialized technology to ensure fluffy and evenly cooked rice with just a push of a button. With different settings for various types of rice, such as white rice, brown rice, and sushi rice, rice cookers take the hassle out of achieving the perfect grains. 

Choosing Small Kitchen Appliances for a Better Cooking Experience 

Small kitchen appliances have become indispensable tools in modern kitchens. They not only save time and effort, but they also elevate the quality of your culinary creations. With their innovative features and functionalities, these cooking appliances bring convenience, versatility, and precision to your cooking process. From healthy air frying to gourmet coffee brewing, each appliance serves a unique purpose, catering to different tastes and preferences. 

Finding the right appliance set for your kitchen can be a tricky feat. With Ezy Kitchens, we have a full catalogue of kitchen appliances. And as a member of Betta Electrical Group, we are confident in providing quality kitchen appliances from trusted brands to give you long-lasting functional, and aesthetically pleasing appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions about Small Kitchen Appliances 

Are air fryers a healthier alternative to deep frying? 

Air fryers offer a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying. They can produce crispy and delicious results with significantly less fat by using hot air circulation instead of oil. This makes them a great option for those who want to enjoy fried foods without guilt. 

Can coffee machines make other beverages besides coffee? 

Many coffee machines have the capability to make a variety of beverages. Some machines have built-in milk frothers, allowing you to create lattes, cappuccinos, and even hot chocolate. You can also experiment with different flavours, syrups, and toppings to personalize your drinks. 

Can microwaves cook food evenly? 

Modern microwaves are designed to distribute heat evenly, ensuring that your food is cooked or reheated uniformly. However, it's important to follow the recommended cooking times and stirring instructions for best results. Using microwave-safe containers and covering your food with a microwave-safe lid or wrap can also help in achieving even cooking. 

What can I make with a blender besides smoothies? 

There are many different ways for you to utilize your blender.  They can be used to make creamy soups, homemade sauces, salad dressings, nut butter, and even frozen treats like sorbets and ice creams.

How can food processors simplify meal preparation? 

Food processors are a time-saving tool in the kitchen. They can chop vegetables, grate cheese, slice fruits, knead dough, and much more. This means you can quickly prepare ingredients for salads, stir-fries, casseroles, and baked goods without the need for manual cutting and chopping. Food processors streamline the process, allowing you to focus on the cooking 


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