May 17, 2022

Modern Kitchen Cabinets for Style & Function

Modern Kitchen Design showing black kitchen cabinetsModern kitchens have so many gadgets and gizmos, it can be easy to get lost in the range of options available. Let's step back and refocus on the backbone of every good kitchen design—the cabinets! Perfectly styled cabinets that operate with ease are the secret to making cooking in the kitchen the delight it should be.

Cabinets come in such a range of colours, styles, and functions that it can be hard to know exactly what to choose. Make sure your kitchen looks and functions at its best with these tips on creating the perfect cabinets for your home.

Kitchens are often called the heart of the home, so why not get everything your heart desires in a kitchen with these fun and functional kitchen cabinet ideas.

The Cabinet Colours of the Moment

It’s easy to play it safe when it comes to cabinet colours, but we’re here to tell you it’s wholly unnecessary. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, so we shouldn’t rest on a safe bet, get creative with colour!

Greens Invite the Outside In

With everyone spending more time indoors over the past few years, there’s a huge trend to bring the outdoors to our indoor spaces. In terms of modern kitchen design, this is taking shape with cabinets coated in lustrous greens, and leafy inspiration.

From gentle grey-green to bold emeralds, there’s a choice for everyone to incorporate a little nature into their kitchen.

Be Bold With Blues & Blacks

It takes confidence to carry a black kitchen, but with the right colour accessories, they can make a stunning feature space within the home. The trick is to bring in pops of colour or brightness from appliances, such as a bright kettle or a statement fridge. School yourself in design and contrast to make your kitchen one to remember.

If black is just a little too far, try deep indigo or navy blue. It’ll give the same effect but brings a softer, more friendly tone to the space.

Take It Into Neutral With Subdued Hues

Neutral will never go far from in fashion. This season’s preferred base colours range from blushing pinks to red-tinged beiges. Again, colour choice will come down to the accessories. Neutral and subdued tones are perfect for the flightier among us, as they make it easier to change styles on a whim.

Maximise Storage and Style

Maximum storage doesn’t mean minimal style. A corner cabinet is the ultimate secret weapon to utilise space, and often comes housing either lazy Susan-style racks or impressive shelves that pull out for easy access.

The Le Mans II is the ultimate choice, in our opinion. This German design corner cabinet caters to height adjustments as well as anti-slip finishes, making it easy to store all your pots and pans in a handy little nook!

If you have extra space in your kitchen, a great idea is pull-out racks to house spices, cooking oils, and other essentials. These narrow cabinets make cooking a breeze as you can access your most-used ingredients with ease.

Make Cabinets a Feature & Go Sky-high

Great kitchen design gives allowance for a little creativity alongside function. If you’re looking for a statement piece in your kitchen, the cabinets can be a perfect crossover of style and function.

A bench-to-ceiling cabinet is not only a striking kitchen feature but it’s oh so practical, too. You can store everything in one easy-to-find place—no more cluttered counters here!

Accessorise Cabinets – Pick the Perfect Handles

Cabinets are often only thought about in terms of colour and design, but one of the most important things you should consider is the style and shape of cabinet handles.

Kitchen handles can be an afterthought, but if you’ve ever had ill-chosen grips, it’s not a mistake you’ll make twice. Pick handles that are easy to grab with greasy fingers and easy to wipe clean, too!

Think about your kitchen’s final ‘look’. Are you going for a chic-yet-shabby quaker style? Choose a handle with curves. Are you looking for more of a simple and streamlined modern kitchen look? Try straight-edged and square designs to pull together your kitchen.

Soft-Close for the Ultimate Comfort

Now that design and function are done and dusted, let’s talk strictly about usability and comfort. The perfect cabinets do not slam or swing, especially when wee ones are rolling around. Soft-close cabinets are an absolute must-have in every modern kitchen.

No matter how hard they’re pushed, soft-close cabinets will slide into place with a slick swoosh, instead of a jarring jam. It sounds small, but trust us, they make all the difference.

Get Cabinets That Are Functional & Ezy on the Eye

If you’re still stuck choosing the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, Ezy Kitchens can help. We help New Zealanders build quality kitchens – Christchurch to Nelson, Blenheim to Southland.

If you’d like to see what we offer in the flesh, visit one of our local kitchen showrooms and speak to our kitchen experts. They’ll guide you through our express kitchen choices, design, and more. Or if you can’t make it in, try our online consult tool, for advice straight to your home.