June 17, 2022

Kitchen Tips & Tricks to Make Renovations Easy

Kitchen tips and tricks concept – an Ezy kitchen featuring white cabinetsTo renovate or install a kitchen can be a mammoth task, but it’s not something to be daunted by! We’re here to help with all your new kitchen needs. Explore our kitchen tips and tricks below to make your next renovation project a breeze.

A kitchen fit-out is a major part of a house renovation and can be stressful from start to finish without the right help. The kitchen is the heart of the home and deserves to be designed and made with love, care, and attention to make it a space you genuinely enjoy being in. Take it from us, there’s a lot to love about kitchen renovations. Just listen to the experts to make it smooth and easy!

Keep the Kitchen Layout

Work with what you’ve got. When it comes to kitchen renovations, ripping out islands and breakfast bars, and rearranging the plumbing can mean a simple refurbishment becomes a major construction site.

If it isn’t a complete disaster, try to renovate around the existing bones. Sure, add in an island or a couple of tweaks here and there, but when it comes to rearranging the entire kitchen layout, you’ll spend more money and time on bringing in plumbers, planners, and applying for building consent than you really want to.

Try to draw plans, research the different kitchen types, or talk to one of our experts to see how you can make the most of your kitchen layout. There are always options to make a space sing, but sometimes a little outside inspiration from a professional is all you need!

Get Smart With Appliances

Appliances don’t have to be gimmicky, and you don’t need a thousand tools to cut an onion a million different ways. Instead, be clever with the appliances and hardware you choose.

Smart appliances are an amazing investment and can take your kitchen to the next level with a single purchase. Think about what you use the most in your kitchen, and what you can get the most value out of. Companies such as Haier and Fisher & Paykel have innovative appliances to make your life easier, and often combine what two or three appliances used to do in one package.

Think Big, But Shop Local

There’s an old saying of think global, act local, and the same goes for kitchens. When it comes to kitchen renovations, try to pick a local company that knows exactly where its products are made! It makes it easier to do your research, you know where it’s coming from, and where to go should you need something fixed.

Plus, it’s easier on the environment, and it supports the local economy.

Be Inspired by Showrooms & Guided by Experts

Get some inspiration and visit a local showroom! Often seeing things in the flesh, touching them, and seeing how things will work first-hand can be a great way to decide exactly how to design your kitchen.

Showrooms have so many options and elements of inspiration, plus there is almost always a kitchen expert on hand to give out some good advice. Ezy Kitchens are throughout the South Island, with showrooms from Invercargill to Nelson! So, if a lack of inspiration is troubling a kitchen renovation, get up and get out to your local showroom to see, touch, feel, and be inspired.

Express Kitchens Mean Less Stress, With More Style!

If time is an issue, or if an easy kitchen renovation would be welcome, consider an express kitchen! Express kitchens can be designed for you, with a range of colours, designs, and appliances to suit your space.

DIY kitchens can lack the quality that professionals can deliver. At Ezy Kitchens, we use local manufacturers and suppliers to give you a quality kitchen that doesn’t cost the earth. Design a kitchen and wait for delivery to install yourself or take the hassle out by using our professional installers! It makes kitchen renovations a breeze.

What to Expect When you Choose Ezy Kitchens

At Ezy Kitchens, we try to make your kitchen renovation a breeze. Our process starts with an in-home measure with one of our design experts. Here we measure the space and talk through the kitchen design concept you have in mind, and how we can help.

Next, we design your kitchen on our cutting-edge software, which renders a mock-up design to help you visualise the finished result. From here, you can tweak it with our experts to make the design perfect for your kitchen needs.

Once we have confirmed the kitchen design, our expert production team will handle the final site measure and hand detail every kitchen with precision to ensure it fits exactly as required.

All the while, our team will have open communication, so you know exactly what’s happening and when. When everything is picture-perfect, now comes the fun part – installation! Our experts will install your kitchen following industry best practices to make sure you have a beautiful kitchen that lasts.

Visit Your Local Ezy Kitchens to Get Great Advice for Quality Kitchens

Kitchen renovations should be exciting. It’s a room you use every day, where you nourish, and feed yourself and your family, so it deserves to be of good quality.

If you’re looking for kitchen renovations in Dunedin, Nelson, Timaru, or anywhere else on the South Island, we have showrooms for you to explore! To renovate your kitchen with a local company for a reasonable price with great quality, get in touch with Ezy Kitchens. We would also love to see you in one of our showrooms, where you can talk to our experts to perfect every part of your design, from appliances to cabinetry!

Get intouch with one of our showrooms today!