June 30, 2022

How to Create Functional Kitchens for Entertaining in NZ

Balancing aesthetics and functionality can be difficult when designing your kitchen layout. Keeping a beautiful and pristine kitchen can be pleasing to the eye when hosting guests, but it loses its utility and purpose without a proper working space. As the heart of the home, the primary purpose of your kitchen isn’t only for making food; it also serves as the perfect place for friends and family to gather around over potlucks, share light bites during sports screenings, or make hearty conversation during a barbeque. We talk about critical design choices you should be aware of when planning functional kitchens for entertaining in NZ.


Think about the placement of all your fixtures. For example, the space between your island and cooktop shouldn’t be too close or too far. A tinier space would make it difficult to move around or have more than one person fit between the area at one time. Most islands also have cabinets and drawers for storage, and a smaller space would make it difficult to open them up comfortably without colliding into them. If the island and cooktop are too far apart, it will be complicated to manoeuvre around safely while doing food prep.


Create designated storage areas to be kept out of view but within easy reach. Separate them into sections such as big appliances, dishware, and utensils, with allocated food prep areas. There should be enough space to walk comfortably throughout the kitchen without your route becoming blocked by an open cabinet, oven, or dishwasher door. Otherwise, plenty of new kitchens feature exposed shelving for a more modern design, which can be a feasible option for kitchens with limited space.

Cooktop Placement

Proper ventilation is vital to controlling humidity in a kitchen. Bad cooktop placement could cause excessive moisture and mould to develop, ruining walls and furniture even in open-plan kitchens. We recommend installing your cooktop on an exterior wall so a ventilation system and splashback can be fitted nearby to successfully extract steam and catch any splatters when cooking.


The chosen layout is usually limited to the size of your kitchen. A U-shaped kitchen would be perfect for a smaller and narrower space, while an L-shaped kitchen is great for maximising wall space. If you love entertaining, a new kitchen island installation will give everyone a space to gather around in the kitchen for food. If you have a kitchen with limited space, a peninsula layout with a wall-attached island would be perfect.

Entertain in Comfort and Style

At Ezy Kitchens, we pride ourselves on paying the utmost attention to the little details and creating innovative designs to bring your kitchen dreams to life. We combine form and function to produce beautiful working kitchens from the highest quality materials, perfect for entertaining or simply for family use. Fill out our online form and a friendly consultant will be in touch to discuss your options. Visit one of our showrooms for inspiration on how to create functional kitchens for entertaining in NZ.

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