July 28, 2022

High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

Technology is improving many areas of our lives, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see high-tech appliances in kitchens everywhere. From better flavours to simpler controls, there are many ways appliances can add value to the kitchen.

Whether you’re building, renovating, or simply adding a high-tech kitchen appliance to your collection, check out our recommendations for the best kitchen appliances every Kiwi needs.

Smart Coffee Machines

If you can’t start your day without a good cup of the black stuff, it may be time to purchase a coffee machine. Not only do you enjoy 24/7 access to a quality brew, but you’ll also save the cost of a daily cup of coffee from your local café.

Smart coffee machines can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your smartphone and set to customised brew settings for the perfect cuppa joe at a specified time every day. With offerings ranging from creamy cappuccinos to rich hot chocolates, a coffee machine is sure to be a quality investment for the entire family.

Air Fryers

As the popular new kid in town, an air fryer is a healthier option than deep frying and saves hassle thanks to its efficiency and minimal clean-up. Some models can sense changes in temperature and time and will adjust them automatically to create perfectly cooked dishes.

Touch Induction Stovetops

Unlike an electric or gas range, an induction cooker has a glass surface where energy-powered heating coils activate upon encountering iron cooking vessels. Heat transference works much differently to electric or gas ranges, whereby the pot or pan is heated directly while the cooktop remains cool to the touch, making it perfect for use around children.

Because there is no need to wait for the burner to heat up beforehand, a touch induction is much more energy efficient and offers precise cooking and temperature control.

Modern Dishwashers

Start wash cycles and monitor performance, duration, and status from anywhere with your smartphone. Receive alerts whenever your detergent is running low or if there is a malfunction so you can check it out as soon as possible. Certain smart dishwashers can be locked for child safety and will adjust water and electricity usage according to the size of the load and how dirty it is.

Smart Fridges

A smart fridge connects to your smartphone, tracks the expiry and usage of items, and lets you see what is inside in real-time from anywhere you are. Not only is this extremely helpful in reminding you to consume soon-to-expire items, but it also saves hassle and provides handy reminders of what to buy at the supermarket. Receive handy notifications on maintenance requirements and programme your fridge to adjust temperatures depending on peak usage hours to conserve energy.

Most smart fridges have a large built-in screen that connects easily to the Wi-Fi. Search up recipes easily or watch a YouTube tutorial for guidance when creating your next culinary masterpiece. Gone are the days of cluttered receipts and Post-its as well. Set calendar reminders and messages on the screen to be reminded of important occasions or leave a love note for your significant other.

Achieve your Dream Kitchen with EZY Kitchens

EZY Kitchens are the experts in revolutionising the modern-day kitchen experience, built for Kiwis by Kiwis. We have strong relationships with leading brands like Fisher and Paykel and Haier to bring you the best kitchen appliance solutions and kitchens in Southland and throughout the rest of the South island. If you’re building your kitchen from scratch or looking to revamp with the latest high-tech kitchen appliances, send us a consultation request, and we can help you get started.