Fisher & Paykel CG604CLPX2 Gas on Steel Cooktop 60cm 4 Burner (LPG)


Stainless Steel, LPG

54H x 578W x 511D

The consistent flame and heat distribution of the burners, including the wok burner, combined with highly responsive dials offer precise heat control. Perfect a slow simmer for sauces or an intense heat for searing steaks. With flat cast iron grates, pots and pans can easily be slid across elements, coming in handy in busy cooking environments. The flame failure safety device automatically turns off the gas if the flame is accidentally extinguished. The stainless steel component is easily accessible and quick to clean. Cast iron trivets provide a durable and stable cooking platform. Their rubber feet prevent them from scratching the cooktop.

Price: $1,599.00