October 23, 2017

The price of prefabrication

The price of prefabrication .

So you’re looking for a new kitchen. You roll up to your local, large format hardware store and they have a wide selection of shiny looking, new kitchens and what’s more, they’re all pretty reasonably priced.

It all seems pretty simple, right? Surely a large format hardware store should be able to sell you a kitchen a bit cheaper than a custom-made one, right? Weeeell you might want to just have a think about a few things that could be pretty important to your decision first, specifically: price, quality and practicality.

Obviously, you are at present consulting a source that may have a wee bit of an interest in swaying your decision one way or another. We absolutely encourage you to do further research and check the facts. There’s nothing better than coming into this important decision knowing where you stand.