June 23, 2017

5 things kiwis need to know about buying kitchens

Okay, so here’s how it is - buying and installing a new kitchen to your home can actually be difficult, at times frustrating and just generally a stressful process. That’s not something we’d like you to think when you think about buying a new kitchen but just remember - you’re taking apart one of the largest, most important and most complex areas of your home and replacing the whole thing.

Of course, the whole reason there is an Ezy Kitchens is because we don’t want it to be that difficult for you. Whether or not you want to take the ‘Ezy way’ though there’s definitely things you need to think about.

Here’s 5 of them:

1. Visit a kitchen specialist, see their showroom and talk to the experts.

Would you get your car serviced by someone who’s not a mechanic? Your teeth drilled not by a dentist? Your home built by someone who’s not a builder?

Building kitchens is difficult and if you stuff it up, you can have big problems. Getting a kitchen from someone who doesn’t specialize in kitchens is not a good idea. Get an expert who’s been around for a while, built more than a few kitchens, know where the pitfalls lie and who’s experienced. You definitely won’t regret it.

2. Make sure you get the kitchen you really want.

How often would you replace your kitchen? Once a year? Most people use their kitchens multiple times per day and that’s why one wrong thing or one detail you’re not totally happy with can really be a much bigger deal in the long term than it might seem at the time.

Don’t settle on something you’re not completely happy with. Get the design right, visualize how it will look in your home and think very carefully about all the things you want out of a kitchen as well as everything that might annoy you. Do it once and do it right!

3. Know what makes a quality build.

Most people understand how they’d like their bench tops to look. They know or have an idea of what type of sink they’d like, how many taps and what type. There’s much more to a quality kitchen than that.

When you’re in a showroom, look at the quality of the bench and cabinet frames, especially the density and the thickness. Look at the types of drawers and draw runners, the type of hinge and the backs of cabinets.

Trust us; this makes a massive difference to everything from how often draws get jammed or stuck, to how long it will be before your kitchen needs replacing again. A quality build makes all the difference.

4. Custom built is usually best.

In our experience no two houses are equal in every way. Even if they were built to the same plan pretty often they’ll change and grow as you do – even the colour selection makes a big difference. The problem with buying a ‘one size fits all’ type of kitchen is that even if everything fits, no thought has been given to the space it’s going to occupy. If it doesn’t quite fit right then you’re going to end up with something that just looks… weird. Observe:

5. Have fun!

You know what? There’s no reason why building your new kitchen has to be a chore. It’s definitely exciting thinking about what you’re going to do, enjoy it!

From design, to installation to that first meal you cook – get into it! Read magazines, browse websites, talk to friends and make the whole process enjoyable!

Not building a kitchen for the house you will live in? Building one for a house you will sell? Doesn’t matter. Whoever ultimately ends up using it will be able to tell the difference when they walk in.  You just don’t get those ‘little extras’ by going through the motions.

So what are you waiting for?

Remember; the right kitchen can change your life. Do it properly. Make it a feature of your home and something you’re proud of!

It goes without saying but we’d absolutely love to chat with you about this further – don’t hesitate to give Ezy Kitchens a call on 0800 399 548 or get in touch with your local showroom!