Terms and Conditions


Show us a local kitchen retailer's recent plan and quote and we guarantee to match or beat the quote on a comparable kitchen (excluding appliances, shipping and installation).

And we will UPGRADE your kitchen cabinets, and panels to our premium standard for FREE.

This offer is a pact between you and Ezy Kitchens. To give you this service we need to see a written quote and plans and specifications sufficient for us to see what you have been offered.

Ezy Kitchens does have some limitations upon what constitutes a valid lower price that it will beat. It would be unfair for Ezy Kitchens to be obliged to meet a lower price for a kitchen that has missing components (eg: cabinets, panels or ‘check measure’); an unassembled kitchen, a defective kitchen that has been repaired, but is not in the same condition as a new one; or a like new kitchen priced as a cash or trade offer – as you would normally expect a lower price for such kitchens. The offer also does not apply to wholesaler or manufacturer quotes, stock liquidations, commercial customers, quotes from persons not in the business of retailing kitchens, private sale arrangements or website prices.

We will also honour this offer, up to 7 days from purchase from us. In the unlikely event that you do discover a lower price, please contact us by phone or bring it into the showroom.


By providing this information, you are providing personal information us. The address of Ezy Kitchens Limited is Lexicon House, 123 Spey Street, Invercargill. You will be provided with the address of any franchisee providing you with Ezy Kitchen services. We collect information from you so as to be able to answer your queries, provide our services to you and contact you for marketing and administration purposes. You consent to us using your personal information for these purposes. This consent and authorisation applies to all personal information about you collected, stored or used by Ezy Kitchens whenever that occurs.

By giving your email address you consent to Ezy Kitchens sending you emails connected to its business purposes.

You are entitled to obtain from us confirmation that we have personal information about you, to access the personal information held by Ezy Kitchens about you, subject to certain limitations set out in the Privacy Act 1993 (we may charge you a reasonable fee for access), and to request that the personal information we hold about you is corrected.

References to "Ezy Kitchens", "we" and "us" include Ezy Kitchens Limited, its franchisees and respective employees and advisers.