The price of prefabrication

The price of prefabrication .

So you’re looking for a new kitchen. You roll up to your local, large format hardware store and they have a wide selection of shiny looking, new kitchens and what’s more, they’re all pretty reasonably priced.

It all seems pretty simple, right? Surely a large format hardware store should be able to sell you a kitchen a bit cheaper than a custom-made one, right? Weeeell you might want to just have a think about a few things that could be pretty important to your decision first, specifically: price, quality and practicality.

Obviously, you are at present consulting a source that may have a wee bit of an interest in swaying your decision one way or another. We absolutely encourage you to do further research and check the facts. There’s nothing better than coming into this important decision knowing where you stand.


Your average prefabricated kitchen is going to look pretty nice sitting there in the show room but unfortunately, it isn’t just going to just beam its way into your house. In fact, your old kitchen won’t just disappear either.

Secondly, are you buying half a kitchen? You may see cabinets, sinks, taps priced as separate units and the prices may not be particularly high. What you’re buying though is a kitchen. As soon as you look at the price as anything less than every unit you need, all supplied and installed with the old ones removed, you’re not accounting for the full cost. This includes all the flooring and appliances you’re going to need.

We’re willing to bet that having your own, brand new kitchen custom built for you may not cost as much as you might think. We actually know a thing or two about this and to be totally honest, there are lots of scenarios in which a custom built kitchen will work out cheaper than a pre-built one.

Get pricing for the full amount of what it’s going to cost you to buy a pre-built kitchen and then get a no obligation, free quote to have a kitchen custom built just for you. Just compare.


We have no issues if you’d like to have Budget Spaghetti instead of good old Watties, or if you buy the 99c loafs of bread instead of Vogel’s. Depending on what you’re looking for in a toasted sandwich, those options could taste just as good. Even if they’re not - they’re only one lunch away from not mattering.

The problem with a low-quality kitchen is that you’ll be using it every day, more than once, potentially for as many as fifteen years or longer. There’s no saying it won’t end up looking like this 15-year-old prefabricated kitchen:


Who wants to be dealing with cabinet doors that don’t stay on properly or draws that won’t shut for that amount of time? Quality matters when it comes to kitchens a lot more than most other things. Furthermore, you may not have a chance to change your decision at a later date. Even if you’re just looking at a rental property – consider the difference in how someone may treat a quality kitchen to a low-quality one.

Here’s our Gallery, in it you’ll find the work we do in people’s homes. If you want to know more, come into our showroom and have a look – we don’t charge for that, nor do we bite. Check out our suggestions on what makes a quality build (it's number 3) and once again, do some research.

We’re more than happy for you to compare the quality of our kitchens to anyone else and we’d absolutely love you to compare us to a pre-made kitchen!


This goes without saying - any time you’re looking at a kitchen that’s designed specifically for the space it’s going in, it’s instantly going to suit that space a lot better than a generic kitchen.

Why does that matter? Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house, in fact it’s one of those spaces that can make or break your home. This is something that real estate agents know well (bastions of trustworthiness that they are!), it’s also been written in this book – it must be true.

Seriously though, your kitchen is where people will often decide if they like your house or not – be they potential buyers or renters, other people who live there or your friends. Besides that, it’s just annoying to live in a house where the kitchen’s not set up right!

We rest our case.

We hope this has been useful to you and given you some things to think about. As we’ve said, it’s always a great idea to do your research and come into an important decision like this with your eyes open.

We certainly don’t mind if you want to compare our kitchens for price, quality and practicality to any other kitchen provider out there BUT that’s not even what we do best! Our real goal is to make buying your next kitchen Easy (or as we put it: Ezy).

Of course, we’d love to talk further about this, give Ezy Kitchens a call on 0800 399 548 or get in touch with your local showroom!