The top four kitchen design mistakes and how to avoid them

The top four mistakes people make with designing new kitchens and how to fix them.

Now, there is a reason why you would want to hire a trained professional to design your kitchen for you. Definitely don’t take this to say you should have no input, on the contrary you should make your requirements very clear. There are some pretty significant pitfalls to be avoided however and take it from us - you do want to avoid these problems.

Here are our picks for the top five problems with kitchen design and why your Ezy Kitchens kitchen designer will successfully help you avoid them.

Problem one: ignoring functionality.

No matter how beautiful your new kitchen is going to look, it is on a fundamental level a place of work. You will regret designing your kitchen in a way that favours form over function so our suggestion is definitely have both.

The position of your pantry, fridge, oven, bench and island all play key roles in determining how easy it is to work in your kitchen environment. These all need to be taken into account when designing the layout of your kitchen.

You’ll be pleased you employed a professional and experienced kitchen designer who knows exactly how to take all of these things into account and develop the best looking, easiest to use kitchen layout for your home.


Problem two: terrible lighting

No matter where you are in your house, you need to have sufficient lighting for whatever you’re doing. When knives, blenders, hot water and ovens are involved this is much more important. Updating your kitchen often goes hand in hand with updating your lighting. Older kitchen designs, especially those from pre the introduction of modern LED lights often don’t take this into account as much as they should.

Your new kitchen design needs to take into account different lighting conditions as well as what areas of the kitchen will need to be illuminated better than others.


Problem three: lack of storage.

Innovative storage solutions is one area of kitchen design that has evolved a lot over the past decade or so. These days there are a vast array of different types, shapes and sizes of cupboards, pantries and drawers.

We can design a solution to suit a smaller space or one that adds to the spaciousness of a larger area. The real benefit of custom built kitchens is that all of these things are totally flexible and completely designed around your needs.

We’re sure many of you will remember coming across some odd shaped or funny looking kitchen cupboards from in years gone by!

Problem four: poor ventilation

Although it’s perhaps not as common to deep fry or cook with large quantities of oil as it once was, ventilation can still be a major problem for some kitchens. Your wonderful, kitchen creations by their very nature usually involve some sort of gas, heat, steam or - we hope not too frequently - smoke being given off. It’s very important to consider exactly where these will go once you’re done with them. This is both for health and maintenance reasons.

It’s easy to underestimate the type or power of ventilation required, or to position it incorrectly in a place it’s not going to operate at peak efficiency. Another area that our experienced kitchen designers can help with.


To sum up:

You can see exactly why someone who regularly deals with the many concerns and issues of kitchen design can help you. It’s also a great advantage being able to custom design and build your kitchen components, that way we can make sure they are just right for whatever you need.

Our advice to you is actually don’t worry about any of this! At Ezy Kitchens, we aim to provide the answers to all of these problems without any hassle to you. After all, we sure didn’t call ourselves Hard Kitchens.